Little Moments

It’s the little moments that make us great mothers.  Your child is not going to remember that the house was spotless, or you made lots of money.  Your child won’t remember you were the most efficient person you knew.  Your child won’t recall how you had so many friends.

Your child will remember the kinds of words you used with him or her.  Do your words build up or destroy?

Your child will remember the kinds of looks you gave him or her.  Do your looks encourage or discourage?

Your child will remember the kinds of touches you extended towards him or her.  Do your touches show affection or instill fear?

Your child will remember the attitude you had with store clerks.  Do you show appreciation or are you perturbed?

Your child will remember that you stopped so (s)he could show you something (s)he achieved, observed or remembered.  I’ve discovered all people just want some basic dignities in life above food, clothing, and shelter: to be loved and respected, and to be acknowledged and appreciated.

Your child’s heart is a garden for which God made you the caretaker for just a whispering moment.  God gave you the soil.  Your job is to help that garden bear fruit by giving it good water and nutrition.  Your job is to keep out the little foxes, rodents, and insects that steal the fruit away and cut off the stems.  Your job is to prune down the weaknesses and encourage the strongest limbs to grow.  Your job is to make sure no fungus or parasite takes hold.  Your job is to pull up the weeds and fight the droughts.  Your job is to let in the sunshine.

Let’s all take a moment to ensure we are the best gardeners possible.  We are, after all, responsible for these tiny hearts.  One day we hope our kids will be mighty, courageous, and stand up for what they believe.

What’s one thing you will improve about your mothering as a result of your contemplation?