The Most Amazing Visual Bible Memory Tool You’ll Ever Meet, for Visual Learners (duh!)

I have just outlined the most jaw dropping mnemonic tool for VISUAL Learners related to studying and memorizing scripture.

Here’s the major premise of the mnemonic for you.

By the way, in this Visual Bible Memory World, here’s what the continents are:

  • The Land of Law (North America)
  • The Land of History (Europe)
  • The Land of Poetry (Asia)
  • The Land of Prophets (South America)
  • The Land of Gospels (Africa)
  • The Land of Letters (Australia)
  • The Land of Prophesy (Antarctica)

I’m telling you this, because it’s hard to see in the way that PreziĀ moves so quickly. But if you label your contents the way I listen, then you could draw a fake equator, almost right across the globe where the top half is the Old Testament, and the bottom half of the globe is the New Testament. Except that you have to put South America above this fake equator. Still, for a visual learner, this works just fine.

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 8.19.36 PM

Here’s the second example for you.Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 8.19.50 PM

There. I hope you start using this mnemonic devise for you and your kids, and share it with any other visual learners you know. If you went through both slide shows then you will earnestly understand the value of that kind of visualization.

P.S. If you have an auditory learner, they might learn this by repeating after you and hearing you say it. You can also ascribe a quick theme songs to Lands, and Towns if that would help them with the association. Maybe the Land of History uses a Super Hero theme, and each Town uses a different super hero’s theme song. Hear what I’m singing?

If you have a kinesthetic learner, you could build a model world, and a model town as you’re studying. Or, you could make lift-the-door flaps for one chapter you’re memorizing and put a picture behind each door to trigger your memory about that verse, like a lap book. You could associate a certain smell with each Land. Maybe the Land of Revelation smells like peppermint (because we need to wake up when we read Revelation!). Or maybe the the Land of Letters feels like sand (touch some sand because Australia is a huge island), while the Land of Poetry feels like rice (touch some rice because it’s in Asia and Chinese food comes with rice). Can you feel what I’m pushing?

Have fun getting the Word in you!,

Robyn Cooper


Verses for homeschool encouragement

I put together verses for homeschool encouragement last year for my son. We say these in the morning, along with some I picked out related to our specific discipline and character needs. Thought you might find them useful. My son started saying these after me at 4 years old! And now my two year old gets to hear them recited out loud too!

My husband also assigns them life verses while they are baking in their baby rooms (my womb, haha). They hear these often too! 

We are also learning Ephesians 6 this year. So far we know verses 1-8!

I encourage you to do this for your family!

To keep this fun and interesting, we do this as a game. Here are some tips for memorization. 

  1. For each verse said, earn a solo cup to add to a tower, and at the end knock it down with a ball (like bowling). Earn more than one cup at a time by finishing the verse yourself. Another version: do this outside and squirt the tower down with a water gun.
  2. Say verses will doing exercises.
  3. Say verses with silly voices.
  4. Make up hand motions for memorization.
  5. When verses have lists (like in Phil 4:8 or Col 3:12-14) use your fingers to keep track of the attributes you’re listing.
  6. Find a song that recites the verse.