Verses for homeschool encouragement

I put together verses for homeschool encouragement last year for my son. We say these in the morning, along with some I picked out related to our specific discipline and character needs. Thought you might find them useful. My son started saying these after me at 4 years old! And now my two year old gets to hear them recited out loud too!

My husband also assigns them life verses while they are baking in their baby rooms (my womb, haha). They hear these often too! 

We are also learning Ephesians 6 this year. So far we know verses 1-8!

I encourage you to do this for your family!

To keep this fun and interesting, we do this as a game. Here are some tips for memorization. 

  1. For each verse said, earn a solo cup to add to a tower, and at the end knock it down with a ball (like bowling). Earn more than one cup at a time by finishing the verse yourself. Another version: do this outside and squirt the tower down with a water gun.
  2. Say verses will doing exercises.
  3. Say verses with silly voices.
  4. Make up hand motions for memorization.
  5. When verses have lists (like in Phil 4:8 or Col 3:12-14) use your fingers to keep track of the attributes you’re listing.
  6. Find a song that recites the verse.