Minicooper 4

Hi little one! I can feel you kick now! So exciting! Mama loves you!

I already dreamt you were a boy! We get an ultrasound Friday to see you again!




Back to school & our new baby!

There are so many exciting things happening in our lives right now! Kids are back “in school”, and we heard the heartbeat of Minicooper #4 today! The baby is due March 19. How very perfect! I’ll be 10 weeks along tomorrow! Here are some pics to commemorate the day! Xo, Robyn



I let you go Saturday little buddy. It was such a hard decision. I prayed the Lord would just take you in the night. You were my best little companion.

I haven’t let myself cry since Saturday, but I guess it’s time to write about who you were to me.

I got you after my dad died, in the aftermath of the tumult. There there many times I held you and cried. You didn’t know why I was crying but you were just my little snuggler. You helped me welcome all my babies into our family and You loved playing tag with my first cat Willow. Then you welcomed Zappa into your life with ease. You hopped like a bunny as a puppy and I loved your tiny fluffy happy body. You read my moods and fit in perfectly. When I picked you up, you jumped up into my arms. You never took a treat from my hand. I always had to put them on the floor for you to sniff them alone.

I carried you with me everywhere so proud to have you with me.

You loved your toy duck and you were so funny with him Jolie got you another one just like it. You were the most well-behaved dog in your puppy training class. Even the mean dogs liked you.

You didn’t complain about anything except at the end. You must have had back pain and some arthritis. I’m sorry you had any pain at all Apollo. You were a silent sufferer.

You went on all our road trips with Stinky. You didn’t like that we got her at first, but she kept you good company, didn’t she?

You didn’t like dog parks. The dog fights scared you. When you were scared you sat right under me between my feet.

You used to love being groomed. You used to fall asleep as I brushed you.

I miss you a lot, and so do the kids.

Kade says how you were so fluffy. And Micah says he will miss your sweetness.

Love you so much.

The smartest pairing ever

Food is an intrinsic reward, and it doesn’t have to be sweet. Another natural reward is being able to move onto “the next thing”.

I have worked hard this summer on our habits. I think I can confidently say now we’ve built a few, and I thought they might help you in your home.

  • Tidy up before X – children must do a tidy up before moving on to a meal, to the next activity, to outside the house. I have consistently required a tidy up.
  • Morning five – before breakfast, you must floss teeth, brush teeth, wash face, comb hair and make your bed. Even my 3 year old (almost 4) knows this routine now. I’m a little embarrassed to admit it has taken us this long to get to this form of order, especially on the hygiene things. I have insisted on it now.

Now I’ll share some behavioral habits we’ve formed.

  • Mop the floor – if my kids flick food on the floor I clap my hands and celebrate the fact that they have the privilege of mopping that night. Yipppeeee!
  • After a fight, we’re routinely apologizing, naming what we did and asking for forgiveness. But we’ve also added this: “God gave me to you as a brother. My job is to help and protect you, to respect and love you.” We chase that with a “brother hug”. We talk about what should have happened instead of whatever response was given, kind of like having a do-over.

That’s all! I hope that helps you!

These are some of the smartest behavioral triggers you can form in your home for your children!

The sorrow of social media

God asked me to abstain from social media a while ago. Not just social media, but also YouTube and Netflix. I obliged.

I looked at Facebook some today and yesterday as my Daniel fast was over. And I realized that peering into other people’s lives makes me feel sad and lonely.

The purpose of social media is to share your life and stay connected to friends. But it offers a shallow connection, and a fake friendship.

Real friends reach out to see how you are doing. Real friends ask you over for tea. Real friends are interested in your life too.

I’d always known a poor friend is one who only talks about themselves when you call them on the phone. This is social media.

The Stress of Moms

I know why moms are stressed. I use the term ‘multiplier effect’ in other areas of life – mainly positive ones. But this time, I’m going to use it in a way that describes the frustration of children. Children multiply things. They multiply the fun, they multiply the laughter, they multiply the interest of the things you are doing together. But they also multiply the volume, the questions, the dirt, the crumbs, the trash, and the need to clean the bathroom. My children even multiply the number of times I need to make my bed in a day, because they jump on it. Even. If. I. Tell. Them. Not. To. Jump. Or. Else. This is why moms are stressed.

I never thought of myself as a sensory-sensitive person. However, put me in a room with many children talking to me (or should I say “at me”) simultaneously, and I realize I’m overloaded.

I get to see friends, but have to leave early because of a discipline issue. I’m punished with my kids, because I’m training them.

I get frustrated about my home. And then I realize why I’m frustrated. The baby finds an apple. She eats it. But at this age, more goes out than in. My toddler tries to put part of an elastic band over a cup. It spills. He goes to the bathroom, partly misses, and comes out pants-less. My 6 year old doesn’t want to finish lunch, which means he’s going to become hangry around 3pm, and little brother will copy him. There’s a fine line between I’m-setting-a-boundary-it’s-not-time-to-eat AND I-have-a-hangry-three-year-old-to-deal-with-and-everyone-is-less-happy-because-he-needs-a-snack. Because of the apple, I realize I’m stepping on wet food with my socks on. So I go through an extra pair of socks that day. More laundry.

My husband will come home later and we will have leftovers if I’ve gotten the timing decently okay with the baby. I will feel badly that the house isn’t cleaner than it is.

My own creative juices are frustrated because who has time for detailed crafts with kids?

The one and only moms-only Christmas party I get to attend, my husband said no to keeping the baby. She wailed and almost threw up three times all the way home. Am I being selfish? Or was it his turn to be selfless?

This is why moms are stressed.