Active Mamas Parenting book club

This purpose of this page is to get us started on a virtual parenting book club. I am excited to start this journey with you! This format will give us a way to post and answer questions thoughtfully to one another related to the books from which we are learning.

My children are both under 5 years old, but parents with children much older are participating too! I welcome you all to join, even if you have adult children, because we who are parenting children in the younger years welcome kind, considerate, thoughtful advice.

The rules for this book club are the same as the rules for any “Active Mamas”. In this particular forum:

  • Be kind and considerate. No berating or shaming – no tolerance or room for that.
  • Make sure your response is uplifting and encouraging. Especially if you question another one’s parenting style or thoughts, think twice before responding. Remember words are easily misinterpreted in a text or online format. Parenting and discipline is as hot a button as religion and politics!

Getting started:

To get started I suggest you purchase three books. We are comparing and contrasting what we absorb from these three.

  1. Sacred Parenting
  2. Shepherding a Child’s Heart
  3. Parenting with Love and Logic

If you can only purchase one right now, purchase the first one, Sacred Parenting. We will be using a ‘Compare and Contrast’ approach to these three books.

To get the most out of this forum:

  • There is a button at the bottom of this post, that you can check to get notification of comments to this post- this may be the easiest way for you to keep up.
  • Try to keep up with the reading. Before you read, ask God to bless you with His perfect input, revelation and direction!
  • Create a journal (I like composition books) and divide your journal into three sections: (1) notes (2) think further (3) things I will try
  • In section 1, record notes from the book while you’re reading. Post questions you have in section 2, “think further”. Post your questions to the group online! In section 3, write down new parenting methods or responses you would like to try. Try one new method each month, so you can see what’s working.
  • I will be posting questions related to small snippets of reading every week or two. Try to read these sections and really answer the questions yourself (and read and talk with your spouse if that’s possible)! You’ll be amazed at how productive parenting is when two parents are using the same methods!

What, if any, questions do you have before we get started?

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