About Us

This group is for mom’s who want to enrich their own and their baby’s lives.

If you’re a fun-mama, this group is for you!

I organize weekday activities for fun-mama’s who want to:

  • socialize
  • enjoy the great outdoors with their babies or kids
  • enrich their babies and kids with stories, playdates, crafts, music and learning opportunities
  • swim with their babies

We meet in the following locations depending on our activities:

  • Atlanta
  • Silicon Valley

To join either group, you need to friend me on Facebook and request to be added for safety and privacy reasons, this is our policy.

Regular activities include:

  • Weekly play dates at the park,
  • Monthly Girls Night Out,
  • Monthly Bible Studies,
  • We mix it up with visits to the Children’s museum, aquarium, and seasonally fun activities holiday parties, or family events.

My first born is turning 8 this year. He is friendly, outgoing, and loves anything new :). My younger son is almost 5. Our first baby girl arrived in 2017. Our youngest son arrived in 2019. Other fun-mama’s in the group may be SAHM, WAHM, or part- or full-time working fun-mamas. They may have 1 or more kids. They are all dedicated to their babies’ enrichment and development!

If you belong to either group, I’m glad to see you posting play dates and inviting each other out! 🙂 The Atlanta Active Mamas I started in 2011 was full of moms who hosted fitness classes, yoga classes, education forums, work outs, running groups, socials, sensory play dates, circle time, group garage sales, kid-premier fundraisers, etc. That’s how we grew so fast! Those moms also invited friends to specific events they thought they’d enjoy! If you have a particular skill to share, use it!

I’d like to see if anyone wants to help me take this group up a notch. In the Atlanta group we had ambassadors, event planners, education and enrichment leaders, and administrative help. I called them mavens. We even put together a 6 month Warrior Workshop which was led by four of us, and all attendees developed a personal development plan that led to incredible personal growth. These ladies just partnered with me to make the group amazing. When we grew big enough I started negotiating discounts and membership discounts with vendors we cared to work with more often like the aquarium, indoor gyms, rental and entertainment companies etc.

I am happy to put that kind of effort into this group if I have great company! In fact, those ladies became some of my best friends. We grew into a family of supportive close friends.

This group exists to serve its members. My expectation is that we are a kind, supportive network of women. The tag line in Atlanta and Rochester was always “to enrich the lives of moms and their kids”. Enriching means playing, but more than that too!

Let me know if you’re interested! Let me know what you want!

Look forward to meeting you soon!

Kind regards,



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