4 days

It’s taken 4 days to give our home an internal makeover. If a house were a person, this means we left her skeleton (bones), flesh and hair color (walls and finishes) alone, but she’s had a serious wardrobe change. 

Though our furniture is the same, we’ve redone all the spaces. Every item in every single cabinet, shelf, storage area, pantry, medicine cabinet, closet, and drawer has met a scrupulous eye. And every area was chaos before correction. That’s the way life is, isn’t it?

I even overhauled the back patio, and raked and mowed our front lawn. My lower right hip is paying for it though. I did too much the first day.

We ended up filling our trunk to the brim with giveaways, our recycling bin with recyclables, and our big outdoor trashcan with garbage.

All this work made room for our new baby, and I will finally have a prayer closet again after 3 years of missing it. I will say with confidence, one does not need a prayer closet. You need simply to pray. But DO anything that helps your prayer life, please.

We also met our goal of 50% free closet space. I have an entire rack free… about 4 feet of space once the baby is born. And the boys now share space in their closet with Hope’s hanging items too.

I’m now enjoying a hot meal in bed, covered in new soft blankets, which replaced our old broken feather comforter (which I had sewn five times and was still leaking feathers). Oh, and I had three 20% off coupons to boot. My mother would be proud. She’s the coupon queen. Can you imagine how cushy I feel right now?

When I made the bed with the new blankets my boys rolled around in it like little happy puppies, before initiating a cannon ball / pencil / jumping party on it. They are so cute. (Don’t worry, the bed is on the floor again). 

I close by saying this: appreciate your life, your people, your health, and your things. My little family tries not to exist in a consumer mentality… which means when we do make purchases we really appreciate them. 
Happy New Year! 


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