We know the physical mimics the spiritual. God set us up this way so we could better understand Him.

I appreciate the seasons. As I’m getting used to California, I am experiencing two seasons: dry and wet. I have missed the beautiful red-orange-yellow-purple horizons-on-fire that Atlanta boasts, and I’ll probably miss the Atlanta springtime too, even though everything is yellow-green with pollen.

There are obviously seasons in life too. The Lord has been SO generously good to me, but not all my seasons have been easy. 

It does “a body good” to ask the Lord to speak to what season you are in right now and then ask Him for some perspective on it.

I am in a season of rain. The Lord is raining His favor on me in so many ways. My family is healthy. My extended family is becoming healthier. My children are young and vibrant. My marriage is beautiful. The Lord still blesses my body to carry new life into the world, and I love Him for it. And get this: He told me she’d be “radiant like the sun”. How’s that for feedback?! I praise the Lord! (Now, what does that mean, exactly? Haha! I can’t wait to find out!)

My heart seeks to know my Creator. I want to serve others. This is a time of great productivity for the Kingdom. I’m doing the most important, and most difficult, and potentially the most rewarding, job of my life: training future ones to carry the torch. And it’s a long calling. All you mothers know how long of a calling motherhood is – once you start it never ends. You are and will always be just that: mother.

I appreciate this season of wellness, possibly more, because I’ve seen the other side. The Lord gives and takes as He pleases, and in His sovereignty, I choose to trust Him. But since I know this seasonality in life, my heart sings a song of gratitude that’s multiplied with the spiritual fruit of joy. 

As we move closer to much-anticipated Christmas, I am feeling such wonder, in the depth of my being, at the gift He gave us in His Son, who chose to humble Himself because of the depth of His love for us. There’s a mighty heavenly orchestra that must play on the remembrance and celebration of the sacrifice He made for us, the day He became human, even fully knowing beforehand, the smite of mankind would be on Him. And He chose us anyway. In this way, He made it possible for me to be adopted twice in my lifetime.

I am limited in my understanding and comprehension of His gift, but the seeds of His faithfulness and dedication to us burst open in my heart into flames of fire that burn passionately without containment. 

The Lord is coming towards us. He told me this a year ago, but He’s still drawing closer. He told me springtime is near. 

In what season are you? How does your season fit into His overall plan? Are you a good steward of His goodness towards you? How has He provisioned you for such a time as this one? How is your season impacting how you treat others, including the young ones entrusted to your care? Do you deal generously with them in mercy, humility and forgiveness? Do you embrace the small moments? Are you storing these memories in your heart? 

I believe we can live forever into eternity with our Lord. I believe our memories will stay with us. What will you remember about this season in your life? Did you give Elohim the room He deserves, and the room you need, to make this season a growing, stretching, edifying one for you? 

I have some friends in very hard places right now. I implore you to seek Him in prayer, and allow Him to do the most transformational permanent things in your hearts for which your soul cries out. You know more than anyone that life is not bonnets and roses. Trust there is still a plan for you, a plan for good and not for ruin. There is a plan for wellness and healing and honest joy through this pain. 

We see the rainbow as a physical symbol of one covenant God made with mankind. There are always rainbows God has for us in times of fallow hardship, but the fruit and productivity is probably happening deep below the soil. It requires you resting in Him for a time, laying your whole being in His hands for a time of rest because. You. Just. Can’t.

I am praying for you. 


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