When You’re Tired of Homeschooling

I’m acknowledging I feel weary from homeschooling. I started the year with so many game ideas, so much fun! Perhaps it’s because I’m pregnant, but more honestly, I have energy for other things… I think it’s just because schooling and training your children takes a lot of honest effort.

Here’s how I regroup.

  1. Honestly, take a break! When you need it, take a whole day off and do something different.
  2. Pray. Pray for the Lord to restore and rejuvenate you. He’s the real deal, and He can put more pep in your step.
  3. Change for a season. Choose what you can put on hold, and change it up. Ask your kids for their advice and opinions on what interests them. Change can look life several things: change your books, change your schedule, change your methodology, change your environment, change the music, change your attitudes. Agree on this together.
  4. Assess how you’re doing. There are three parts to this. (A) Please don’t judge yourself. Just assess. Here’s a tool I use for assessment. (B) Resolve to keep better track of what you actually accomplish. Here’s a tool I use for tracking actual achievements.  (C) Make a realistic plan that leaves room for developing these new habits. A new plan for new habits likely includes the following:
    1. Choose what you’ll sacrifice to carve new time out of your busy schedule. Perhaps this is TV time at night.
    2. Get an accountability partner, or a reward system in place both for you and your kids.
    3. Write down your challenges and obstacles for why you may not be successful, and make proactive choices to overcome these challenges.

This may feel daunting to you. I’m the queen of self-assessment. I find this introspection critical to success. Here’s a sample of one of my self-assessments. One way I do this is by using a Weekly Docket – it has a way for me to anticipate the month’s top priorities, goals, challenges, and special events for my own accountability.


Weekly Docket

I’m a Christian life coach. If you’re interested in some outside help, feel free to contact me to talk about how to get and stay grounded as you do the most important work of your life. I love seeing moms growing in their ministries at home to their husbands and children, and their communities beyond that.



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