Costco and 10 things homeschool is NOT

Our journey started with two crying and whining children entering the shopping cart, where at least they wouldn’t get struck by a car.

Then, I enjoyed the myriad of stares and smiles from people on my Costco excursion today, where it costs-mo’ because I buy 12 pounds of things in one heave-ho, and then have to repackage it into young child sized portions at home. 
I think people were thinking:
– aw, those are cute / funny / rambunctious kids

– I feel her pain

– I remember those days

– she’s got too much stuff in her cart, the kids are sitting on the food

– she’s got her hands full

– wow two kids plus one on the way

– glad that’s not me

– I wish that were me

– it’s a wonder they got the kids and all the food back into the cart 
But the cashier said:

– your kids are mixed, no? 

That statement was quickly followed by:

– mixed kids are the cutest
I just find that ironic because I live in the most diverse melting pot of a place I’ve ever been, perhaps similar to the diversity you see in NYC. I’m not offended… just saying. My kids don’t “see” skin color.
Sometimes we get the good ol’ “are you in school yet?” asked directly to my 5 year old. This is perhaps more often during the day time hours. Most people respond nicely to homeschooling. Except a police officer once was discouraged I wasn’t teaching spelling to my then-4 year old (and don’t get me wrong, I think policemen are great). I hope people don’t inadvertently discourage my son’s from homeschooling. The last my 5 year old son mentioned of it was:

  • “I don’t want to go to middle school”.
  • “Why?,” I asked. 
  • “Because they make you sit all day.” 
  • “Well good thing you’re homeschooled!” 
  • “What about high school?” 
  • “You can homeschool through high school if you want,” I answered.
  • “Promise?,” asked my son.

Here’s what homeschool is not:

  1. A loose grid where children aren’t academically rigorous
  2. A sheltered, uncultured life
  3. Unsocialized hermits
  4. Sitting around eating bon-bons, doing whatever we feel like doing
  5. An answer for everyone
  6. Rigid and inflexible
  7. Just parents teaching kids, limiting the child’s body of knowledge and exposure
  8. Vanilla and B.O.R.I.N.G.
  9. Limited to a few rooms
  10. Allowing children escape from real mastery of a subject

This post could have been two posts… I just thought you moms could understand and perhaps even get a kick out of my afternoon. 

We made it home just in time for my husband to unload the car for me. And my kids weren’t starving because of all those samples at cost-mo’. This was good because my Braxton Hicks were on cue tonight.


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