Girl’s Nights Out

I moved from my hometown in early 2014. I left all my old friends and family. I frequently enjoyed girls’ nights out.

In Rochester, I began “girl’s night in” – hosting little dessert gatherings in my home. We usually followed a theme, like pamper yourself night, or home remedies.

So when we moved again three and a half months ago, I decided to start these right away. I have been so blessed. You never know what treasures lie beneath a person’s smile until you sit and ask them questions. 

Tonight was my third one, and there were four of us. These women are amazing. Their stories, their hearts, their experiences… 

Women are wonderful creatures, and I really enjoy sisterhood. I need it. I crave it. I’m looking for real intimacy that is only created over time, through vulnerability and giving and sharing. I’m excited to get to know some of the women of this city! This is one of my rewards for the hard work of life – the honor and privilege of getting to know and befriend others. 

Thank you ladies, who are willing to set time aside in your busy schedules to spend some time with me! Xo, Robyn

Oh, and to the ladies of Atlanta and Rochester who used to enjoy a ladies’ night with me, I most certainly miss you!! Old friends are gold.


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