Mid-stream review

There is simply not enough time in the day to get all the learning and information in that I’d like. And yet I know God put in enough time to create exactly the day that I need. I acknowledge my appetite for learning is bigger than my capacity for follow through and to be satisfied with the right priorities.

I share this just for my own accountability.

Right now, I am participating in a few Bible Studies or small groups

  • A biweekly bible study on Mark – no homework required; gaining in community. Hope we can develop friends from this energy too. Micah is finding friends there. Need to pull cash ahead of time.
  • A bible study on marriage – weekly homework. Always a fruitful use of time for Ian and I. The homework is especially great for us. Sacrifice made in the morning to get there, especially if Agape is happening the same day. Be more timely.
  • A bible study on faith – biweekly homework. Not too intense at home, but phenomenal discussion while we are there. A fun way for Micah and Kade to make friends. Hopefully we can make friends there too.
  • A bible study on freedom – weekly homework. A fun way for kids to make friends. Great for my own development and discipline. Ian enjoys doing these studies with me sometimes. Love the encouragement of the speakers.

I am facilitating:

  • A monthly bible study on “the life-giving home experience” – monthly homework and preparation for others. We are in a space of growth and another gal offered to host sometimes. Yay God!
  • Monthly Girl’s nights out – monthly consideration. Thinking about if these are more fun to be done as Girl’s Nights In? Fun to have people here, makes me clean and I don’t use gas. Potentially more expensive and more work. Worth it.
  • Weekly play dates at the park – weekly planning, but I may need to think about moving the day to a different day due to midwife appointments. Plus our favorite playground is closed on Mondays.

I’m focused on building:

  • My memorization skills: topics of study include whatever is included in Classical Conversations Cycle 2, scripture memorization – requires focus a few times a week. I read these two memory books about twice a week and practice employing new tactics on the go.
  • Producing topical studies of the Bible that take me into an understanding of root words – It seems to take me about 5-6 sessions to turn one out, or about one per quarter. I should try to speed this up to producing six a year. This would require just one dedicated evening a week, however I seem to need some breathing space inbetween them. Also doing the studies as students with Ian after publishing takes time, and helps in editing them. However, so fruitful!
  • A short term (year long) slow-moving online parenting book club to compare and contrast three books with Ian and other parents. I’m doing this to “sharpen the saw” and expand my parenting toolkit, and keep myself accountable to respond with more grace and loving kindness to my kids. It is not imperative this happen in a public setting. It’s just luxuriously nice to have access to the feedback and camaraderie of other parents.

I’d like to add to our week:

  • The study and learning of mandarin. This is important for honoring one of the key values we have in raising our children in responding to globalization.
  • A 12 week micro-study of the Young Peacemakers curriculum with friends… or perhaps this should happen monthly or every two weeks instead of weekly. Not sure which timeframe is better. Weekly is better for consistent participation in a group environment and the development of friendship. Biweekly is easier on the schedule but I run into Hope’s arrival. This may be unavoidable anyway due to the holidays. I’m doing this because I would like to develop some more vocabulary and the habit of using a more solid resolution framework  to use with my children about being peaceful persons in our home and community.

Some goals I haven’t started yet but am now putting into motion include:

  • Finding a way to do public speaking again, with a built in feedback loop, such as Toastmasters
  • Dissecting some current events news media in hard copy format for the benefit of my whole family

Big challenges I am facing include:

  • The happy addition of Baby Hope in January, and the known and unknown adjustments thereafter.
  • Exercising before the kids wake up. I’m tired. Just go once I tell myself. I just need to do it, regardless of the size of my uterus. Or at least I need to go swim! But who wants to swim when it’s not 90+ degrees. I need to swim! Write an affirmation about this – start changing your mind.

In our homeschooling life, I need to:

  • Get back to daily music lessons. The challenge is how to handle Kade separately for 20 minutes while Micah is playing. Perhaps I need to include them both in lessons until Kade loses interest and leaves. This is difficult because he meddles and get into trouble. Today was a little easier because of some new locks in the house. Or perhaps this needs to be a daily after dinner subject that Ian handles.
  • Daily scripture memorization. This needs to come before CC memory work because if I do it, I know I will still get to the CC memory work, but it doesn’t necessarily work the other way around.
  • Be more consistent with reading lessons. This is Micah’s most difficult task. He is motivated to work for Book It goals, but we are behind and can only have one day off even including weekends through the end of the month. This needs to happen right after morning symposium and before math.
  • We need more consistency with Science Sundays.
  • Give Micah more opportunities to develop fine motor skills. Perhaps I can find more dot to dots and mazes for him.
  • Incorporate more consistency with chores for the boys. Bed-making is great since we make beds before breakfast now, but they should help with weekly housework, and setting and clearing the table every single day.
  • Ask more reflective questions when we are going through discipline challenges, like what was wrong with that picture? How did you feel? How did the other person feel? What would have been a better response? Relate scripture to the topic at hand on the fly. Get nickels, dimes or quarters and dollars for rewards.

I am purposefully sacrificing writing lessons in favor of embracing his young age and engaging fine motor skills through his math book and drawing, dot to dot and mazes.

I am waiting on God for direction on a possible part time job opportunity, or volunteerism in another area. I expect He may direct me to do some cutting among the items I mentioned above. While it’s fun, I will end up with too many irons in too many fires. But this is how I work. Put the irons in to test the fit. Then move on.

Other questions and tasks: Get a minivan? Buy a home? Pay off? Yard sale? Sort baby clothes.


  • I complete the studies on time each time, and I’m learning
  • I give the gals enough time to prep for the monthly study on the Life-Giving Home Experience. The monthly bible study is a blessing and is growing and reaching hearts.
  • God’s really blessed our discipline in the kiddos and disbursed more patience to me!
  • Staying in budget better. Need to plan for this weekend and month end.
  • Ordered Peacemakers kit and identified a mandarin curriculum. Need to buy mandarin program.
  • Started putting toastmasters feelers out there.
  • Vague idea of directions for piano lessons in mind. Need to determine a time and do it. Talk with Ian.
  • Feeling some community among some circles. Yay God!
  • Acclimating to CC life and starting to build fledgling friendships there.
  • Completed two homeschool assessments this year. Mostly on track.
  • Turned down a charter school opportunity and identified some small groups that didn’t fit – saying no is just as great as saying yes! These were “good no’s!”

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