Immersion Nights, CC Cycle 2

Immersion Nights, Corresponding with CC Geography for Cycle 2

My family is getting ready for our first official immersion night this year. We did these last year as well, but this year we’re coordinating to Classical Conversations weeks, cycle 2. Even if you’re not doing CC, I thought you might appreciate the info too. First, I’ll tell you what region of interest I’ve chosen to correlate to each CC week. Then, I’ll give you an example of what our first immersion night includes.
Disclaimer: we did these last year, but not to CC Cycle 1. I am by no means anything but straight ol’ Americano, so take my understanding of any information with a grain of salt. I’m a happy novice!
Week 5 Paris or Rome
Week 9 Carribean or Puerto Rico
Week 10 China
Week 11 Russia
Week 13 Denmark or Sweden
Week 15 Iran
Week 16 Greece
Week 17 Germany
Week 18 Italy
Week 20 Vietname or Thailand
Week 22 Peru
Week 24 South Africa
I decided to cook for Rome, Italy this week, because that’s what my pregnant belly fancied, but since we’re doing Italy later, I would have been perhaps better off choosing Paris. I don’t want to redo my research though. That’s okay. Doing it is what counts. And maybe it’s just so fun, doing the same thing twice will just cement what we’ve learned!
A bonafide immersion night should include customs, music, food, flag, and traditions.

A Cooper Trip to Rome

Italian families enjoy quite a delicious spread of food for supper! Below is the type of dish that would be served for various courses and what I’ve chosen to serve that night.

Apertivo – crab cakes

Antipasto – various meats rolled with cheese

Primo – Risotto

Secondo and Contorno – Salmon and Broccoli

Insalata – fresh garden salad

  • I have romaine, and heirloom cherry tomatoes for this, oil and balsamic vinegar)

Formaggi e frutta – cheese and seasonal fruit

  • In our case, we are serving purple grapes, and mini babybel cheese wheels. I may get ambitious and choose a soft cheese like brie… buy maybe not!)

Dolce – Sorbetto

Caffe – Espresso

  • I am serving hot cocoa to the children and my pregnant self. We’ll see if my husband feels like some espresso or not. We have a bialetti, so this is easy.

Digestivo – fruit or herbal drink

  • We are serving herbal tea with a touch of honey and lemon

For The Rest

Think Verdi, Vivaldi, Puccini, or Pavarotti for music. For immersion nights I always just start a new Pandora Radio station. I found Italian Traditional Radio, and it’s perfect.

Greet each other with air kisses on both sides of the cheek and an enthusiastic “Bongiorno!”.

You might even care to try and dress like an Italian. See here.

A DIY Passport is a great way to record your adventures. See here. And here’s where I got my sticker flags. At the end of the evening, put your flag on a page in your passport and have your child either write or dictate three favorite things he or she learned or did during the evening.

You may even do some crafts that correspond. During the mid-11th century, the Duomo was built, with intricate gothic patterns and frescos. Here’s an example of a fresco craft for kids.

Have fun! Don’t let this be a source of stress. Instead, let this inspire some additional joy in your home. Only do as much as your schedule will allow. This may mean you do Immersion Nights on Saturdays so you have more time to enjoy the evening. It’s also much more fun, easy, and inexpensive, to invite friends over to potluck that night! All they need is to know the theme, and perhaps some recipe suggestions, depending on their comfort level in the kitchen.

Some of the ways I take the ‘heat’ off of myself during the day is to get my kids pumped about Immersion Nights. And since I’ve done these for a year now, they know Immersion Night is fun. I require their help cooking and setting the table. The whole family gets involved in the preparation, execution and aftermath (cleaning!). Prep as much as you can ahead of time and decide what you can afford to purchase versus make from scratch. e





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