Homeschool Progress for Real

I was determined to do a better job tracking what we actually cover each day in our homeschool efforts this year. One of the questions my husband asked me last year was how I know the kids are learning ‘on schedule’, though he’s regularly impressed by my eldest’s reading or math skills at 4 years and 10 months old.

If you follow this blog, you know this is the first year we joined Classical Conversations. With that, is the much more orderly integration of topics to explore. Previously, for my eldest’s tot school, the ladies we were schooling with had just chosen themes to follow.

Much to suit my personality and meet my husband’s question, I made a custom tracker called a CC Homeschool Docket, and sent it for printing and binding at our local office store, complete with monthly assessments and dividers with pockets to hold loose papers.

I’ve been tracking fairly regularly since the end of August this year, but I’m so excited to have this custom tool ready for me tomorrow! I hope you’ll make use of these tools in your own homeschooling journey as well!

XO, Robyn


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