Cc review time

I am so enjoying CC! This is our first year of CC but our third year homeschooling. My oldest will be 5 in 2 months. We have jumped skipped rolled caught velcroed sang read built explored watched taped folded danced imagined and exercised our way through memory work this week, which was our soft launch of real dedication (last year we just listened… This year I’m preparing my VERY naturally competitive son to be successful in a class full of kids mostly a year or two older than him). What a rich program!
I had started homeschool communities in the past. I’m enjoying the tight structure of CC, and the community it offers as newcomers to a new city clear across the continent, and expressly NOT being in charge! Haha!
We are memorizing with purpose, and I’m getting better at learning how to memorize in general. My son’s memory is far superior to mine! Ah!
I’m so fortunate as homeschooling moms that we “get to go to school again”, but this time really savoring in all the things we are learning. I disliked history before. Now it’s becoming one of my favorite topics.
At the same time, the rhythm of the morning folds my just-turned-two year olds needs and my home is fun and peace-filled! 
My two year old gets to practice his art, ABC flash cards and learn his colors with us, and then dances and runs or copies my older son in whatever we are doing. When we are doing work that needs writing (like the little bit of copy work we do), I set the little guy up with his own notebook for coloring, dot art or stickers. We also do a Kumon sticker and paste book together. And today my older son insisted on doing the same as the younger. He shouts “yay!” when we finish our CC songs. He also gets his nursery rhymes and reading daily, and learning songs in at the playground. It’s honestly just adorable! 
Anyhow, schooling two young kids is my favorite! And we are blessed to add a baby to our family in January – our first girl.


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