Are you a girl?

Hi little one, Minicooper 3, are you a girl? 

God gave me a sweet dream this morning that you are a baby girl. Will He confirm it? I’m very excited that He gave me a dream for you. Your brothers were in the dream, but I wish I could remember more about it. 

I have a calm peaceful feeling! ๐Ÿ™‚

How very exciting! I will be excited either way, because it’s God’s plan, whatever you are! 

Love you already, your mama.

Getting back to it.

Beautiful day and fun parade within walking distance today. No fireworks tonight because they started at 9:30pm, and we’re trying to get these holligans used to a schedule. Kade had a loooong nap, yay!! Implementing regular naptime, and now we walk our dogs instead of just putting them out, so that’s nice! We are really trying to night wean Kade again. We are on night three, and have discovered a secret weapon: chocolate milk. *gasp* “For shame!” Desperate times… 

Ian is really tired. He’s my hero.

Peace and order are arriving now. We are about to get back to routine, which means worship mornings, scripture memorization, and some summer art, math and reading. My white board and chalk board are up! Here comes meal planning and daily discipline.
However, my energy level is unpredictable (thanks first trimester), but we went to get a couch finally. Fail. Ikea was closed but failed to post that online (and I failed to call), so we went to a fun dinner instead where the man behind me had a toddler tantrum. He huffed and sighed so much I actually asked him if he was okay. Guess what? He said no and rolled his eyes! I said “we are almost done, and they are working hard. It’s a beautiful day. Cheer up!” It was still a fun dinner! Can’t steal my joy – I ate a plateful of stuffing! Go baby cravings!

Chatted with mom and sister today. Miss them. Glad they call me. I feel pretty removed and lonely. Time change makes it tough though, so unless people are night owls I have a tough time getting the opportunity to get to people.  Think about my friends and family everyday and what they are doing, and what we might be doing together if we were nearby. 

Making efforts to make local friends. I may reimplement “girls’ night in” over here.  Got a few midwife meetings set up this and next week. Time this baby gets some attention! My baby is now 2 inches long, the size of a caterpillar, has defined fingers and toes, can yawn and open and close his or her mouth, and roll and kick! How fun! Go baby! 

Two days ago, Micah said “mommy, did you know God has your baby in His hands?” I said, “yes, how did you know that?!” Micah replied “because He has all the little babies in His hands!” “You’re right!,” I cheered back! Micah also told me “Mommy, you should let God name your baby” and asked if he could be there when we cut the umbilical cord. I’m grateful my older son knows these things already. Today we discussed how the baby looks, and showed him a video. He asked what the thing was poking out of the baby’s belly, so I talked about how for each baby, God makes the mommy make a placenta, and how Micah and Kade each had their very own. He’s just intrigued by all of this baby stuff. It’s so much fun!

Had a wind of energy tonight so I reorganized our linens and towels, and cleaned the kitchen – Long overdue. We hung the last pictures and our whiteboard. 

Tomorrow we will go back to Ikea and get our couch (yay!). We will hike. Our plumber is coming back again. Need to sew two things tomorrow, organize bookcase, and clear the last 5 boxes. Final haul! Then I will clean, take pictures so you can see how this beautiful mess shaped up.

We need some outdoor items but I think dust needs to settle first.

Journaling is so helpful to me. That’s why I write. Click-therapy!