Mini Cooper 3, I know what you bring

The experience I am having pregnant the third time around is different than the first two, primarily because I have two wonderfully active boys at my heels. 

But I think of you often throughout the day, minicooper 3, wondering if God made you a boy or girl. 

I ponder names for you quietly as my day goes by, and sometimes your daddy makes comments about what he thinks about the whole thing – about how he’s excited, and if you’re a boy “I’ve got this,” and if you’re a girl “I don’t know what to expect but I’ll be excited”. And often your big brothers already run up to give my tummy a random kiss throughout the day, especially your oldest brother, Micah. Kade just copies Micah, and I try to tell him there’s a baby in there, knowing he’s far too young to understand that means sharing mommy and daddy’s attention.

You make me feel blessed and happy, and excited to see our family grow! I welcome the sleepless nights and newborn snuggles, soft skin and poopie diapers. Because I know what you bring. 

You bring a way to make our hearts grow even bigger, and our love to become deeper, and our commitment to being selfless parents more whole. God says a man whose quiver is full of children is blessed. Large families seem strange in busy cities today, however you will know what it’s like to live in a house bustling with real life, activity, sacrifice, and people who love each other.

I pray you are a confident follower of Christ, that you know who you are, and who God made you to be. I pray you’re a voracious learner, and your appetite for truth is insatiable. I hope you’re a natural pray-er, and that you grow up thinking talking with God is normal. I pray you show a gentle demonstration of God’s love to people around you, but you’re brave and deep. I pray you develop the right skills at the right time, and you acknowledge and use your gifts and talents wisely. And I pray that our family embraces your unique personality to the fullest, that you learn to have a humble heart, a good attitude, be a good steward, and laugh a lot bringing full measures of joy to those around you. Amen.


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