Going West

san jose picture

My fingers were practically bursting, because I’ve been waiting to post some big news for us. We are moving to San Jose, CA. We’ve lived in Rochester for 2.25 years, and God has called us west.

I’m feeling overwhelmed, excited, frazzled, pioneering, sad and happy. The overwhelm is all in the numbers.

  • Downsizing from 1428 square feet PLUS a basement, to 1095 square feet with NO basement.
  • Taking 2 children on 2 flights by myself.
  • Packing all our belongings up in less than 3 weeks total.
  • Packing a truck with all our belongings in just 1 day.
  • The financial swings that come from moving.
  • The countless vendors for whom we need to update our address, and then find replacements for like doctors who put up with our weird ways, vets, utilities, etc.

The sadness is leaving people. You know who you are, but this includes a gaggle of youth as well as women and men that have become near and dear.  The saving grace is it’s so easy to stay connected these days from the phone, FaceTime, the internet, apps, etc.

The excitement and pioneering nature of resettling somewhere new, meeting new people and places, experiencing what I hope is better weather… the happiness of following God’s direction…

The happiness of following God’s direction… it’s not always happy at first, but it ends with the lessons He has in store for you to learn. Let’s take Rochester, for example. We had our second child here! My husband stretched his career legs. We both went through some career changes. We endured some health issues and came out the better for them. We started a youth group. My sister ‘came back into my life’ – a miracle!

What my husband learned in the “Dirty Chester” is God showed him the sin of pride which needed to be removed. And he says he’s been transformed from an intellectual Christian into a spiritual Christian. He embraces the large family concept. He learned ways God talks to him. Ian’s a better dad than he was before.

What I needed to learn was how blessed and important is the role of wife and mother, home maker and teacher. I’ve found myself firmer with more faith in the things God promises in the Bible. I’ve learned what true loneliness was, and how to make hard choices to surround ourselves with meaningful community. I’m slightly less selfish, I think, than I was before, but I hope to continue to see an evolution my whole life, away from selfish, and towards selflessness. I have more confidence in my own ability to hear God’s voice, and even more, know what it means to pray expecting God to fulfill. I have more hunger to memorize God’s word. I know what God wants me to do with the next 10 years of my life. God showed me how to be more humble than before, but I’m still working on that. I spend more time praising God. I’m more bold than I was in the Lord. I’m a better mom than I was before, and a better educator for my kids.

I am praising God through the tears.


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