Going Classical

I have embraced an eclectic teaching style for homeschooling my family, which is largely hands-on, taking advantage of my child’s love for learning and consuming appetite for information, and working with his very high energy level. And the baby just happily participates.

For two thirds of this year we have integrated listening to Classical Conversations (CC) memory work. In April I visited a local CC group and was highly satisfied by what I saw, which includes weekly presentations from each child. After much prayer, I have decided to add this co-op to our 2016-2017 schedule.

I feel very attached to our other co-op though, and I like the variety of how he’s learning there… Mostly, we love the people. So, we will do both! 

“Ah! Are you nuts?,” you ask? Yes I am, but I also have extroverted children.

We will do some things daily… scripture memory, hand writing, piano practice, reading for an hour, tea time, play time, exercise and math.

  • Monday will be our big push day, testing our memory work. But it also will include cycles of drawing, learning how to play a whistle and music theory, music and art appreciation, and science experiments.
  • Tuesday we run errands, but will also consume large amounts of information in the areas of history, geography, science, social studies, reading, math, famous people from history, and Bible devotions.
  • Wednesday will be a Bible study day for me, and a play morning and piano afternoon for my sons… One is only going to be in kindergarten and the other still a toddler. 
  • Thursday will be fine arts and field trip day.
  • I’m treating Fridays as a review day, as I only have an hour to teach. 
  • Saturday is just a family whatever day and sabbath rest.
  • We will still have Science Sunday’s.

I’ve just ordered our materials for next year, and I’m very excited. We are adding Singapore Math to our work from a Base Ten set and Family Math book (hands on math using household items). I like how Singapore Math moves he kids into solving word problems, and how Family Math is hands on. We will still use our base ten set.

We will be memorizing math, grammar basics, history, Latin, science, geography, art and music facts, and more scripture.

Woot woot!

What’s your plan for next year?

worms and bike riding, of course!

making stained glass crosses

painting eggs

rainy day play

math experiments in estimation

one to one counting and fine motor skills

painting like the Limbourg brothers

brother time

fish hatchery

zoo time

water play


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