Wild stallions

To the mom whose child is also a wild stallion, who constantly test boundaries, who is stubborn and non-conforming in nature… To the mom who has to remind her kid to control his body, work on his self control and put a stop-valve on his temper… To the mom who has to train her child to notice how their actions impacts others… Maybe you have to do this a lot, too. Thank you.

One day I won’t be here anymore, to tell my child he’s a winner despite on-the-surface short-term outcomes, to look at his greatest weaknesses as also his greatest gifts and his best assets as also his biggest liabilities, to tell him the reason we fall down. One day I won’t be in his ear, or perhaps he won’t want to hear from me of what I think or what I know, though I pray otherwise. One day I won’t be around to help him realize his daily victories, even among the battles we sometimes have to pursue (until I see the defiance of sin scurry away). His sin is not him. And I remind him of who God made him to be on the daily.

There are moms I watch whose children consistently require a kind but firm hand. They go head to head and toe to toe with them. These women are strong and tender towards their strong boys.

You’re raising the kind of young men I want my sons to hold close in their pockets. I want them to have friends who will know the difference between right and wrong, whose first and last defense is prayer and figuring what God thinks about a matter. I want my sons to be around other men who think women are God’s rare treasure and decide to court instead of date. I want my sons to know they are to be humble and there is only one Creator and it is not them, nor their friends, nor sex, music, intelligence, money, nor power, nor anything else. I want my sons to know when to be competitive and not sacrifice a win, and when to show grace and mercy and deference. And I want my sons to know the mantle they must be able to take on as future men, husbands, and fathers one day. I need your sons reminding my sons how to be a man. Because their father and I won’t be around one day.

So thank you for raising young stallions with me, and sowing the careful seeds in them of humility, courage, right thinking and truth-seeking, of a lifestyle of prayer and the posture of servant-leadership. This is God’s way. 

And I want to encourage you, because I already see the fruit of discipline in my wild stallion. One day he will be a steady companion to your son in shaky uncertain times. He will be sure of himself, because he is sure of his Creator. He will know ‘the Word’ and know how to pray and listen for an answer. He will be able to discern the voice of God and have wisdom to deliver the message. He will know how to listen, and how to encourage your sons. And he will know how to see the big picture, and step out of miry clay, which means he will take your son’s hand to help him out too.



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