Moving the boxes: clutter-free life for people fighting laziness

One way I’ve found to keep myself organized is to keep 3 boxes around. One at the bottom of the stairs, one at the top, and one by the door to outside.  

 If I consistently put things that don’t belong in that space, in the box to go downstairs, upstairs, or out the door, and take a box with me on each trip down, up or out, and empty the box accordingly each time, there’s no big pick up at the end of the day.

So here’s one recipe for success:

  1. Keep a box at each ‘landing spot’ in your house. A landing spot is a place you or things when you’re too lazy or busy to constantly run them back to their home right away. Your box should be pretty, because you’ll have to look at it.
  2. Each time you move around your home, if there are things in the box nearest you, take it with you and put stuff away right away.
  3. Throw trash out immediately.
  4. Leave your car empty everyday. Don’t let dishes, clothes, snacks or other miscellaneous items linger there.
  5. Train other household members to move the boxes and put things away too!
  6. No excuses! Move the boxes even when you feel tired.
  7. Follow the one-in-three-out rule. You will break this rule, so generally, just make an effort. When you bring something else into the house, get rid of three items. This rule doesn’t of course apply to humans, even if you feel like it sometimes… Haha!

Now if I could figure out how to follow my own advice all the time…

Or you could just put stuff away… Haha!


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