When I Deny You Dinner

I’m known for being a positive discipline, crunchy, Christian mom. But tonight is the first time I’ve denied my 3.75 year old dinner.  Let me share why. Here are my five easy steps to having dinner denied to you.

  1. I put a healthy meal in front of you and you told me you didn’t like it. How rude.
  2. I offered you a snack later if you finish your dinner. You leave and go look out the window. Really?
  3. I reminded you, you’re not excused. You go get Pom Poms instead. This is disobedience.
  4. You get two more reminders that it’s dinner time, you’re not eating later if you don’t eat now, and you still don’t eat. Your reply is a question. That’s not a response. That’s avoidance behavior. Very savvy, little one.
  5. I clean up dinner without your help. You sealed the deal.

I did however still do reading time, and let him snuggle in my bed. I’m glad I did. There’s nothing like watching your firstborn fall asleep. 

I guess he really wasn’t hungry afterall. But if I offered him junk food, he would have scarfed it down. We are coming back to normal life after vacation. Welcome to normal life, kiddo. I love you!



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