Ten Pitfalls of Homeschooling Dads

There was 1 session at the Southeastern Homeschool Expo that was built just for Dads, taught by Doug Cherry of FrontlineMoms.com. It was the Top Ten Dad Pitfalls. Here are his notes for you to read, or share with your husbands.

Pitfalls of Homeschooling Dads

  1. Thinking we can’t.
  2. Pray for your spouse, kids, and kids’ future spouses
  3. Lead and allow wife’s talents to come out
  4. Failure to make your relationship the foundation of your homeschool
  5. Failure to work with team to find proper place in homeschool
  6. Failure to make the home joyful
  7. Failure to be flexible with your children, and consider their personalities
  8. Failure to be a visionary in our purpose
  9. Failure to prepare for the homeschool battle
  10. Failure to realize parenting is your highest calling, and realize you are handing the baton off to the next generation of leaders

I feel bad writing all those ‘failures’ because I err on the side of positive words, but these are the man’s words. He said basically, you should have courage to work through your problems up front. If you are called to homeschool, you are equipped. For example, Caleb and Joshua were equipped to go in and take the land God promised them. Dads must have the attitude that they can take the land. A calling comes with power.

Help your children develop a vision for your lives, and train kids to pray for each other. One way to do this is to start a tradition at birthdays that everyone says something nice about the birthday person.

Do not provoke your children and frustrate nor break them. Fathers can be harsh and stubborn, not admitting they are wrong sometimes.

Highlight your children’s gifts so they learn who they are, and then foster those gifts.

Have a family vision statement. If you have no vision, it leads to a lack of restraint.

Remember you’re battling against spiritual wars, not flesh and blood.

There you have it. Those are my husbands notes from this very important session from the conference. I asked him what his takeaway was, and he said the biggest thing was


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