How to Stop Lying

I listened to two ladies, Jenny and Jodi, discuss lying: myths, root cause, questions to ask, and how to stop lying in its tracks.

What I loved is:

  • How they defined lying in concrete terms that my kids can understand. For example, an exaggeration is when you add untrue parts to a story. 
  • They were very specific using examples that we can relate to our own situations.
  • They were honest about their own experience with lying.
  • They break it down so you can get to the heart of your child, deal with the issue and move the child forward in a productive way.
  • Their solution seems logical but it takes time… about a year.
  • They have helped about 300 families with this problem, so they seem to have some proof that it works.

I now feel I have a method I can use to discourage lying, other than the old ‘you lied, so now you get punished’. 

I strongly recommend you read their two posts here:



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