A moment of blackness

I know I’m typically happy and optimistic, and still serious. I had a dream last night for which I think warrants thought, that I will share.

In my dream, my husband and I went to the beach with our 2 year old son. I was busy trying to get something done, and couldn’t hear my son talking anymore over the roar of the ocean. I asked my husband to check on him, and my husband went, but we were too late.

In my dream, I watched my husband fish my son’s lifeless body out of the water, I watched my husband try to resuscitate my son and do chest compressions. Too late.

My heart stopped. No words could come out. I couldn’t breathe. The word ‘panic’ can’t even describe what was racing through my mind and heart.

I woke up. I praised God it was just a dream.

Life is short. Be grateful for the time to you have together. Praise God for giving you just one more day.

Think about what I said tonight, and that I care enough about you to share this vulnerability. I’ve lost my breath every time I’ve recalled the dream again today.