“I am amazing one minute at a time” – Robyn Cooper

“I am amazing one minute at a time” – Robyn Cooper

I made that quote up after being challenged by my great friend Mindy who led a 30-day fitness challenge for us.  I lagged behind in my own workout routine, because I couldn’t work out with the group due to scheduling, and discovered I gained weight instead of losing it.  Everyday Mindy gave us a challenge.  Near the end of the 30 days, our daily challenge was to think of an inspirational quote.  The bad news is, there was some resistance in me I was battling.

The good news is, about half a month after the challenge ended, I kicked into gear.  I made my quote: “I am amazing one minute at a time” (If you like it, you can use it too).  Also, I really started to work out on my own, eat better, and stay motivated to take care of my body proactively.

I am hosting a 6 month Warrior Workshop for a phenomenally inspiring group of women, along with 3 additional leaders.  The workshop’s purpose is for the women to identify their family values and then make positive changes in 5 areas of their lives: finances, relationships, how they discipline their children, time management, and self-care.  Inside this workshop, during the fourth month we work on creating affirmations.  It is a warm and fuzzy activity, but it starts in a very difficult place.  The first part of the exercise is to write down all your insecurities.

Old map makers used to draw maps for sailors, and wherever there was uncharted territory they would scribe a picture of a dragon.  Some sailors would see the dragon as a place of fear, and they would avoid going there.  Other sailors would see the dragons as a place of adventure and exploration and go into new open waters to push the limits of the known world.  Working with affirmations is much like that experience.  Going to face your insecurities head on, going to slay your dragons, is scary, vulnerable and difficult.

To do this exercise well, ask a 2nd person whom you trust to help as you the hard questions you won’t ask yourself, and kindly push you towards a genuine answer that really gets to the heart of the difficulty.  In other words, push through your boundaries.  Then, once you’ve gone there, you must not get stuck.

The second part of the exercise is to turn these negative thoughts upside down, and make firm decisions about who you are now.  These new decisions must be written down, acted upon, and held in high esteem.

My insecurity became “I am amazing one minute at a time!” – Robyn Cooper.

What’s your new mantra?


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