Taking It In

Perhaps one of the best fringe benefits of having kids is they make you slow down. This morning I went on a hike with my boy and we found over 20 caterpillars, one of which was the most amazing kind I have ever seen.

We noticed the birds and airplanes flying overhead. We heard the trains blowing their whistles and pretended to be the conductor, calling passengers on board. We saw chipmunks, dogs, people and other kids, 3 deer, a really cool spider (a spiny backed orb weaver), many squirrels eating their acorn breakfast, and my son even wanted to look for elephants. And we looked really hard for elephants but didn’t see any (wink)! We felt rough tree bark and lichen, and talked about the difference between mammals, insects and amphibians, and named some examples in each category.

We discussed what cannons were and how the cannons on this mountain are just for us to see and not touch. We talked about how the cannon’s wheels were there so the cannons could be moved around and how we don’t like war nor fighting.

I really appreciate how he stopped to smell flowers along the path leading up to the mountain top and how he loved to climb over the boulders at the top.

It’s so fun to sing songs up and down the mountain. We sang ‘twinkle little star’, and ‘the b-i-b-l-e’, ‘abc’s’, ‘happy birthday’, and a counting song that teaches us how to count all the way up to twenty.

On the way home he told me ‘mountain so fun! I hiking! Mommy hiking!’

How do your kids help you ‘take it all in?’







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