Minimalism = Spice

Minimalism equals spice.  Minimalism asks you to pare down your belongs to only treasure what’s meaningful, loved, and fruitful.  Minimalism asks you to eliminate noise and chaos.  You’re simply left with those ingredients which beg you to be more creative, thoughtful and true to yourself.  Are you ready?

If you’re a member of our facebook group, or follow this blog, you’ve noticed I’ve been preoccupied with reducing clutter.  First this effort was about simplifying to get rid of trash.  Now this effort is more about streamlining and honoring my desires.

Let’s talk wardrobe.  “Women wear 20% of their clothing:” That’s what I keep hearing.  Last year I turned my hangers the opposite way (with the hooks facing out).  When I wore an item I turned the hanger the correct way (hooks facing in).  That hanger trick is one way to know what to eliminate from your wardrobe.  Another method you could use to pare down your wardrobe is to empty all your closets and only put back what you love.  A third method you could do is limit the amount of hangers and space you have to fill with clothes.  Some people like to take on a challenge to only live with 50 items or less, so when they filter through their clothes they make sure they can mix and match without much thought.  I’m not quite there.  I just kept what I love and use, and am sure I’ve gotten rid of over 200 items and still have a goal to further reduce.

Now the kitchen.  I’m a foodie.  I love to cook.  I love to eat.  Cooking is my creative outlet.  However, I’m constantly learning about nutrition and, as a result, I don’t use any non-stick chemical coated cookware.  Thus, I found 4 appliances I could sell, plus numerous kitchen gadgets.  As for plates, I have beautiful everyday plates… but, I also have 3 sets of lovely and sentimental china.  I decided the everyday plates have to go.  I will use my lovely china instead.  Life should be a celebration.  Now we can celebrate every time we eat, and I have more cabinet space.  What about vases, candles, thermos cups, and containers?  How many do you really need?

Linen Closet.  Only keep 2-3 towels per person in your home.  If you don’t use hand towels, get rid of them.  How many washcloths do you really need?  Keep 2 sets of the best sheets per bed in your home.  You get the idea.  In your medicine cabinet, throw away outdated medicine, or medicine you used for an ailment-of-the-past.  Just let go.

Minimalism of the Mind. What about your mind?  Are you able to easily filter through the input you receive?  We are bombarded by input everyday, but how much of that input is meaningful to you.  As an experiment, I don’t listen to the news right now.  As a result, I’m happier, and headlines and other people fill me in on the main events.  How’s that for efficient?  I don’t feel like I’m lacking at all.  What can you cut out?  What really needs to fill and preoccupy your mind?  By the way, there’s no TV in my house.  I use free apps for shows that I want to watch, plus Netflix and youtube.  I haven’t had cable TV in almost a decade now and get along just fine without it.  Think of how much money I’ve saved!  Oh yes, and there’s no landline telephone either.  Who needs a regular phone these days?  Not I.

Minimalism of your Activities. How many of your activities and time are really necessary and lead to fulfillment?  I’ll leave you with that question to ponder yourself, but you should know ‘you should only do one activity at a time’.  I call that solo-tasking.  Multi-tasking does NOT make you more efficient.

In closing, you should venture down this journey if you’re curious about how to add more zip to your step.  If you want to make your life and mind larger, try living with less.  The goal of my latest purge was to clear out 50% of space in any one area.  I made rules for myself to spend no money in my effort to organize, only keep items I love and think of its multipurpose uses.  I want to make money back where possible but be generous.  I am thinking of utility first, then aesthetics.  I am watching a ‘style’ emerge, and it’s becoming more apparent as I shed items I don’t love.  Tell me about your journey.  Send me some mini-spiration too!  My next goal is to downsize.  By some people, my home might be considered small, but I mean it!  I’m so excited to be on this adventure with you!

Love, Robyn


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