We all have baggage. Our baggage is in all different forms, some of us prefer a backpack so we can wear our baggage on our back. Others of us like a rolling trunk so we can roll our baggage behind us. Moreover, others like a basket of baggage we can try to balance on our heads like Chiquita banana. Regardless of how you carry your baggage, it weighs you down.

If your baggage in life doesn’t help you progress, it’s time to let go. Admit it, like everyone, you can only carry so much after all!

Your baggage in life should only contain those items that help you feel wiser, more loved, more confident, more balanced, more connected, more in touch with yourself and those you really care about, more respectable, more healthy and more comfortable in your own skin.

You should store in your basket things that allow you to stand taller, act braver, find your voice, know and stand firm in your boundaries, and also be gentler, kinder, more compassionate and resilient.

There will always be difficulties and resistance when you start pushing the bad eggs out of the nest. The other ‘little birds’ that benefit from those rotten eggs will surely protest loudly. You might feel it’s harder to keep pushing. You might feel the sides of the sides of your nest are too high, too wide, or too slippery; you might feel your egg is too heavy; or you might find your shoes have difficulty finding traction; or lastly, you might find your wings just feel weak.

It’s time to look deep in your gut, find the spark that’s still burning, and start stoking that flame again. Little by little those embers will get hot. You will find fuel for your wings to keep pumping, you will find dedication to keep your feet finding traction again. You will seek the right people that will keep helping you grow your passion so even if you can’t see over the walls of your nest, you keep it up, because those bad eggs just will stifle the health of all your good eggs that are hatching moment by moment.

Your good eggs need all your attention and devotion, your nurturing, energy, and thoughtfulness.

It’s time to move, Active Mamas!

The key is to do this before we inadvertently ask our kids to help us carry our burdens. We only want to pass those good eggs along.

What bad eggs and good eggs are in your nest? And what are you going to do about it in the next 48 hours?


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