5 Easy Essentials for Moms

These days, being a mom means being super-busy.  There are times when the kids take so much time and energy, we barely have enough left for ourselves.  This can translate into a wardrobe that isn’t up-to-date or doesn’t fit our current body.  Furthermore, lifestyle changes can leave us with the question, what can I wear?  Here are 5 essentials that can take you from kid-time to adult time and many places in between:
1. Jeans – Great jeans are a mom’s best friend.  They are durable, versatile, and can be dressed up or down.  Plus, when you choose jeans in a flattering cut, they can make you look thinner while remaining extremely comfortable.
2. A T-shirt – Not just any old tee, but one cut for a woman in a just-right length.  Easy to wash, easy to layer, and fitted in all the right places, they’re easy to stock up at an affordable price.
3. Blazer or Cardigan – Depending on your body shape and personality, have at least one you can throw on in a pinch to pull your look together.  The blazer or cardigan should fit exceptionally well, and choose a neutral color so it will go with nearly everything.
4. Comfortable Shoes – (But comfortable does not have to mean stodgy!)  We all have different levels of comfort, but well-made shoes are worth the investment. Good quality shoes will support your feet (vs creating bunions and pressure points) and finish off your look.  Right now there are so many styles to choose from, it’s easy for your shoes to be both chic and comfortable.
5. A Pretty Top – More than a t-shirt and less formal than a button-down, this is the top you can depend on for a last-minute family gathering, a school event, a meeting with an old friend, or even date night.  You should own at least one pretty top that makes you feel fabulous as soon as you put it on. (And by the way, no tugging, pulling, or bunching is allowed!)
And there you have it, 5 essentials that will cover you whether you’re at the park or the mall, staying home or on the road.  Coming next month: How to Shop Vintage (for Moms or for Kids).
Kaity Moreira
Mama Style Maven
Have style questions? Email Kaity at stylekaity@gmail.com.
Kaity is a new mom and entrepreneur, stylist, and personal shopper.  For more info, check out her website at www.StyleUpCo.com.

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