Mommy, CEO

A mother is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Need proof? God trusted her, and her alone, to birth.

**Side note worthy of space**
If you’re adopted like I am, then you have received 2 gifts: a birth mother and a mommy. And if you’ve ever given a baby away for adoption then you’ve given some mommy somewhere a gift they can never repay you for, and will always be grateful. And if you’ve adopted a child then you have just what it takes to raise your baby right as his or her mommy.

Back to the point: As a mom, you will be bombarded with information, tools, opinions, and research. Your kids will almost constantly need you. Your work is never done. The home recycles dirt, as you recycle everything else. If you work outside of the home then you also balance a career with the delicate emotional, physical, and spiritual requirements of your family. Learning. Health. Socialization. Money. Shelter. Food. Clothing. Entertainment. Development. Birthdays. Home. Laundry. Feelings. Friends. Vacations. Career. More. Think of all the things you manage! Wow!

I take pride in being open-minded about the way parents choose to ‘parent’. I am also solid in my convictions about what my family, and my son needs. You should be adamant about what your family needs too.

We often don’t give ourselves enough room to stand behind what we believe. I tell you this now… I tell you this once… And I will tell it again: You are the CEO of your home, a top level executive. You are responsible for the strategy of your family, and the director for taking it from here into the future. Your job is to serve your team, and serve it well.

Your family wants you to have answers, provide boundaries, help each member dream, gain confidence, grow in his or her talents and abilities, and improve on those skills that might be lacking.

Your family wants you to love them, to be gracious, to forgive, to find acceptance, to create safety and security, and to help shape it’s future.

Your family wants you to be ambitiously devoted to bettering each member, and yourself.

An outstanding CEO is a great listener, resourceful, humble, kind, honest, firm and gentle, thoughtful, responsible, communicative, peaceable, and inspires his or her team members to do better in fulfilling their purpose or task. A CEO weighs short term benefits with long term gains, and adjusts. A CEO sees the forest and the trees. A CEO asks for help where necessary and is always learning.

As a mother, think about inspiring your kids (and other family members) to greatness. What’s greatness? Well, now that’s the part your team will decide. Your job is to direct the energy.

If you want to capitalize on your abilities as the ‘Mommy, CEO’ of your home, join us in

Love, Robyn*

*read more about Robyn by clicking


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