Stay at home mom NOT stay at home hair

On a beautiful September day I put my son down for a nap and went off to get some things done around the house. First, I needed to stop by the bathroom to grab a hair tie that would get my wild hair out of my face. Usually this would be a fast process…in and out, but I stopped to look in the mirror. Yikes!!! It then dawned on me that it had been 3 days since I showered! Most would assume I probably hadn’t been out of the house much and that must be why I looked so busted. Nope! I had been everywhere!! Grocery store, play dates, and dinner with friends. So early into motherhood I had decided it is much easier just to throw my hair up in any hair tie and go out and about. I was also a paranoid mother and was too scared to bathe while I was home alone with my child. HAHA!! I eventually figured that out.

As for my hair, I am a trained hair stylist so doing my hair should be pretty easy for me, but now days I just don’t have as much time to do it. My son also enjoys yanking at my hair on a regular basis. I am sure a lot of you mama’s are familiar with these experiences. So, after that day in my bathroom I decided put in the effort to take better care of hair.

This could have been me!

Wearing a pony tail is a quick and easy style for us busy moms, right? The problem is, wearing your hair in a pony tail too often can be damaging to your hair. However, in our “on-the-go” lives we can’t always avoid it so here are some useful tips for when you do make the decision to wear your hair up. If possible, avoid putting your hair up when it’s wet. Hair’s elasticity is doubled when wet, so when you put your hair up it breaks as it dries. If you can, let it air dry before putting it up. Instead of using tight hair ties or ones with metal on them, try a scrunchy (the 90’s best hair accessory!). Dent free hair ties are great as well and super cute! If you do not have time to let your hair air dry, opt for using a clip, braiding your hair, wearing a hat, or head band instead of using a hair tie. These accessories can be fun, easy and fashionable! I am a big fan of Forever 21 and H&M to find hair accessories- inexpensive and stylish!!


You could also do some fun things with the front of your hair to give some style to pulled back hair. Maybe a front poof, braid or twist.


If your hair is longer there are lots of fun things to do. Braid your hair, twist it, then pin it. Boom! You have an “updo”. The ballerina bun has become popular and is super cute.

images-10 images-9

If your hair is curly, here are some pretty updo options.

images-12 images-11 images-8  images-4

It is a full time job to be a mother. It can be tough at times, but more than anything it is pure joy. So, let’s make our hair match the beautiful glow of motherhood we all wear proudly. We are some hot mamas!!

I will be giving lessons on how to do a lot of these styles at the event I am hosting at my salon, Zonolite Hair Studio, on March 18th at 5 p.m. These are simple styles, but sometimes it helps to have someone help guide you in how to do them in a quick and practical way (perhaps even with a baby in one arm-haha!). Hope to see you guys soon!!


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Nicky Nocera is an Active Mama’s Fun Mama Style Maven.  Full of style herself, she is the mother to a bounding, happy, healthy young man named Bristan who is cute as can be.

Nicky is a profession hair stylist and colorist at Zololite Hair Studio in Atlanta.  She is hosting a Salon Event for Beautiful Mama’s on Monday, March 18th.  Check to RSVP.  (You must be a member to attend).


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