2 Style Tricks for Busy Moms

As the Mama Style Maven (thanks Robyn!!) and also a new mom (one year this February), I’ve spent a good deal of time thinking about style. In particular, how to look good but not spend excessive time or money on fashion, because it has to be balanced with all the other things that are happening our lives. It’s easy to say that style is one of the last things on our minds, because we women juggle, multitask, and work in so many different capacities. For many of us, there could be a full or part-time job, a small business or at-home venture, running errands, organizing the household, plus caring for children (which would be enough work in itself!). In the midst of all this, how do we find or keep a sense of style?

As a stylist (and as a mom, fashion blogger, and entrepreneur) I always like to use two key strategies: systems and simplicity. Simplicity means avoiding excess and having easy, multipurpose pieces. For example, we may have closets of clothes that don’t fit and wish we could look a little better, but we don’t have the time every morning to go through possibilities and try to figure it all out. The simpler (and less stressful) option is to own a few pieces that a) fit well, right now; b) can be mixed and combined with other items in our closet; and c) fit our lifestyle, which includes considerations of color, fabric, situational appropriateness, etc. In other words, items that you like and know how to wear. Then with these pieces, you can move to step 2, creating a system.

A system is something that can be repeated and applied over and over again. It always works, and the more you use it, the faster and more automatic it becomes. Stylewise, for each of us there are systems to be created that can streamline the process. Want to add pop without loading up on jewelry? Have 2-3 “accessory basics” that are lightweight and go with virtually any outfit. Want to look more put together? Pick a formula for your body type, e.g. fitted on the bottom, looser on the top and stick to it when shopping. (That way, your tops and bottoms can always be worn together.) Clueless about colors? Find 1 or 2 that you love and pair with neutrals for a complete look.

Dressing may or may not always be fun, but it definitely shouldn’t be painful! Try thinking of simplicity in your wardrobe and systems when you dress, and you may find the process is a little easier, faster, and lets you enjoy your life and look great at the same time! Next month, I’ll cover 5 Easy Essentials for Moms.

Kaity Moreira
Active Mama’s Fun Mama Style Maven

Kaity is a new mom and fashion blogger, stylist, and personal shopper. For more info, check out


http://www.stelladot.com/kaitymoreira or email her at stylekaity@gmail.com.

Stella & Dot Independent Stylist
(347) 456-8640


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