The Seven Wonders of the World

Late at night I have insomnia. It’s probably poor leftover sleeping habits from my son night nursing, thinking too much, and who knows what else? (And no, he still doesn’t sleep through the night yet, even at 15 months old. But I don’t mind.)

The topic I’m focused on tonight is love. Your child takes your little heart and makes it fragile. You think about things you never thought of before. ‘What if…?’ ‘When will…?’ ‘How can…?’

Love is deeper than the ocean. Its grip is stronger than death. Its valleys are grander than the Grand Canyon and its mysteries are more wonderous than the Seven Wonders of the World. Its foundation is older than the Earth itself. Its possibilities extend far beyond the Milky Way. And You stand smaller than a grain of sand on the coast of the vast Pacific Ocean, such is your heart in love.

Some people search their whole lifetime for love. Yet look… Mother, now love has found you.

Lift your arms to the sky and rejoice and be glad. Shout to the heavens that you have this gift. Stand on the rooftops and tell everyone how happy you are that love has found you. Everyday, express the sincerest measure of gratitude.

Hug your baby and tell him or her of your mutual love. Little ones need to hear it again and again.

Don’t take love for granted. Praise God for the good works He has done.

Now here are the real seven wonders of the world:
1. Babies are created and develop in a womb. That is a miracle.
2. Babies can be sustained almost entirely on breastmilk for the entire first year. Another miracle. Talk about intelligent design!
3. Babies are entrusted to the care of another human (i.e. what a vote of confidence The Lord takes in me to lavish me with this gift!). Just like all humans, we are clumsy and insecure, and not perfect, aren’t we? Realize this: as women, you can stand as tall as cypress, as loyal as eagles and as wise as Solomon if you ask.
4. It so pleases The Lord to give us one more day together on Earth. Every day is a gift.
5. Babies grow a tiny bit bigger everyday, unnoticeable to our naked eye, but also, so obvious. The body is amazing.
6. The human brain develops naturally: motor skills begin, and speech, logic and empathy emerge. How long have we tried to mimic the human brain in computers and robots? The human brain is fascinating, able to store millions and millions of iterations and interactions to help inform you what to do. There is no replacement.
7. And we, as mothers, are here to lap up the goodness. What a gift. Our presence, our very existence, is the seventh wonder of the world. May we be blessed with many more days and years ahead.


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Love, Robyn

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