Sitting in my study, a woman apologized for the answer she was about to share, saying she worries she’s wrong ahead of time and feels like a school kid.

How many women share this concern, that they are wrong before they speak up?

We all have grown up with some sort of battle wounds that make us fragile sometimes. It’s easy to look at someone else and think ‘(Insert name) really has it all together. Why can’t I (insert skill).’

When you became a mother you signed up for the unwanted judgements of others, for children you love but can’t always control, and gave up your ‘right’ to think of yourself first.

Be courageous in your mothering. Know what you want for your little ones. Look at the big picture instead of small details.

Have quiet time everyday. Spend 5 minutes reflecting on what was good today. Take 5 and focus on how far you’ve come this year. Close by dreaming in vivid detail about the future.

Hard or frustrating times in your day are opportunities for you to temper your response, so one day, when something bigger happens you will handle your response with more compassion, poise, creativity, and grace. And to whatever degree, something bigger than a temper tantrum or an exploded diaper, will occur.

Don’t be prickly. Be strong like a lion with the intention of a lamb, and leave judgments of yourself and others at the door. Grow your confidence. Flex your will with humility and meekness. I define meekness as having power, rightly understood which means to (1) know that your have power, (2) when to use your power, and (3) when to withhold it to produce a good result. And set boundaries that are healthy for everyone.

Have compassion in your parenting. Greet the day and night with a smile. Model what you want to see in your children. May whatever is good and pure in your mothering flourish.

See meetup.com/active-mamas for more information

Love, Robyn

Read more about Robyn by clicking on the About Robyn page above


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