5 Tips On Saving Your Skin From The Winter Blues

dry skin

Now that winter is upon us our skin is changing and most likely it’s not for the better!

When Winter comes, the temperature drops and our skin becomes dry, flakey, and for some, itchy. If our Skin could talk and tell us what it needs, it would undoubtedly scream “moisture, moisture, moisture!”

The cold winter air strips our bodies of its moisture content and there is no moisture in the air that we can steal from. So our skin becomes dehydrated and dry. There are four different skin types: oily, combination, normal, and sensitive. Although dry skin can affect all skin types, sensitive and combination skin types are the ones who should be the most careful because they have a greater chance of their skin becoming irritated.

So if you think your skin is experiencing “The Winter Blue’s” thankfully there are a few things that you can do to help your skin stay moisturized throughout the winter, giving you a beautiful glow all year round. Here are 5 tips to keeping your skin gorgeous and healthy through the cold winter.

1. Cleanse
Cleansing your skin twice daily; once in the morning and once at night will keep your skin free from the dirt and debris that collects on your face throughout your day. By doing this your skins natural oils will stay balanced.

2. Exfoliate
Exfoliating your skin is an excellent way of ‘scrubbing’ off the dead/dry skin that builds up on your face or body. By doing this once a week, the dead skin cells will come off and the skin that was underneath will look brand new. I personally had to exfoliate this past week, because I was noticing dry flakey patches of skin right between my eyebrows. I cleansed and then exfoliated and it made a huge difference in my skins appearance.

Shorten the time you spend in the shower or tub.

This is a big one that I have a hard time following. As a mom to a 1 year old I treasure my time in the bath. I love it. I use it as my time to relax. But the truth is the hot water is very harsh on your skin, it robs your skin of its moisture. So keeping your shower time or tub time limited will help to keep your skin moisturized.

It is very important to moisturize your face with a moisturizer at night and in the morning. Pick a moisturizer that has ingredients like Vitamin A and E – those are ‘Active Ingredients’. A tip when picking a moisturizer out, whether its for your face of body, is to pick one that is free of Alcohol and fragrances and try to find one that is hypoallergenic.

4. Water, Water, Water!
Staying hydrated is crucial in keeping your skin protected form the winter. In my opinion this is the most important. Try to challenge yourself by drinking nine 8 oz. glasses of water a day. In doing this you will see a huge improvement in skins texture, tone, and feel. I’ll leave you with an easy math problem and I say easy because I’m not a math person whatsoever but even I can solve this problem! The math problem will give you the amount of water you personally should be drinking on a daily basis.

Take your weight and divide it by two, then divide your answer by eight. Your answer will be the number of glasses your should be drinking a day.

– Ashley

About Ashley

I have always been intrigued by skin care in general. I enjoy learning about product ingredients and what they do and how they work . I remember giving my dad and mom facials made out of sugar, oatmeal, honey and pretty much anything else you could find in the pantry. When it comes to make up I think I may have a slight obsession, I thoroughly enjoy the art of make up. I spend my time learning different techniques, the new trends, and color theory.  This is why when my husband and I moved to Atlanta from California this past summer I decided it was time to go to school for Esthetics. I am currently a student at The Elaine Sterling Institute of Esthetics and am loving every moment of it. I am also a mother to a 1 year old little girl named Makenna Grace. She is  my absolute inspiration.


2 thoughts on “5 Tips On Saving Your Skin From The Winter Blues

  1. Thanks Ashley! Now I know how you keep your skin so beautiful!
    How do you know what kind if skin you have and can it change over time?

  2. Thank you for sweet compliment Judith! If your able to come to one of our Spa Nights I would be happy to perform a skin analysis on you. That will give you an in-depth answer as to what kind of skin you have. And yes, your skin can change over time, pregnancy, stress, sun exposure and many more factors can cause a change in the type of skin you have. But in the mean time here is a brief overview of the four different skin types, maybe this will give you a clue as to what type of skin you may have.

    Oily: Pore’s seem larger. Prone to blemishes, skin is ‘shiny’ and you can feel and see excess oil on your skin.
    Combination: Can be oily and dry or oily and normal at the same time. T-Zone is oilier and has larger pore’s. Outer areas of face are normal or dry and can appear flaky.
    Normal: Usually free of blemishes. Pore size is normal.
    Sensitive: Fragile, thin skin. Redness and flushes easily. Easily irritated by products and exposure to heat or sun.

    If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask!

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