The Perfect Woman

The perfect woman wears stiletto heals, pencil skirts, and make-up; And knows just where to go for dinner and dancing. The perfect woman knows what to say to seem smart and humble. The perfect woman is compliant and pretty.


Boy, you saw that coming, didn’t you?!

My definition of what’s attractive has transformed over the years. For a long time, ‘attractive’ has been self-defined for me. I felt ‘attractive’ or ‘successful’ if I upheld a good relationship with God; a close relationship with my husband, family and friends; and was considered a high-performer at work. I even created a value system in 2003 that’s solid enough and true enough I haven’t had to change it in the past decade: if I honor God I will find freedom, ensure success and culture friendship by disciplining my mind, practicing good stewardship, encouraging creativity and welcoming recreation. I enjoy that ‘high-level’ thinking, that, big picture thinking.

Even though my value system hasn’t changed, my definition of attractive has. I am glad for this because I am learning.

Now I feel ‘attractive or successful’ if my son is well-kept, acts balanced, and is healthy.

I am ‘great’ if other people I know can be uplifted by me, and I deliver the truth, gently.

I am wise if I bite my tongue and pick my battles; and for the battles I pick, I set realistic goals and have a reasonable plan in play.

I am at peace when I spend time with God, and know He hears me.

I am luxurious when I put on some blush, lip stain, and mascara, but without it, I am delightful as long as I smile.

I am wonderful if I attempt a joke, even if it’s bad.

I am smart when I put my mind to working, producing income, and opening growth opportunities.

I am splendid if I clean up the kitchen and Micah’s play areas downstairs.

I am healthy when I cook from scratch or exercise.

I am talented when I sing (even off key) to my son.

I am creative when I think of a project for my son and I to do together.

And. I. Am. The. Perfect. Woman. When. I. Stop. To. Give. Micah. What. He. Needs. When I don’t brush him off, when I delay a task for his sake. When I look my husband in the eye and thank him when he gets home for working hard for us. When I stop and pray. I am perfect.

When are you perfect? Attractive? Splendid?

If you’re not sure how to answer these questions you’re due to become an Active Mama Warrior Maven.

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Love, Robyn

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One thought on “The Perfect Woman

  1. I’ll take you one step farther — I am the perfect woman when I stop to give myself what I need. When I am perfectly fulfilled I can give openly and willing to others.

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